Read to discover how Nacsport has added value to our clients in the basketball sector.


Valencia Basket 

"For us, time is an important factor as we play many consecutive games and need extensive analysis of our team and opponents, so speed plays a key role for us here. Nacsport allows our analysts to carry our quick analysis processes with ease, getting quality information to head coaches and players quickly to ensure better decisions on the court".

- Marcelino Garcia Toral, manager of Valencia Basket 

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"It is a really advanced solution that provides us with quality work... analysis becomes more agile, we save time and our data is organised and ordered as a result”.

- Gustavo Rossotto, Assistant Coach responsible for performance analysis art Atenas, Argentina

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CTO Amsterdam

After each match the players receive images of themselves, the team and the played tactics... We also use Nacsport to analyze and scout our opponents.

The largest freedom is the user-friendliness of Nacsport, within a couple of hours new users can work with the software from Nacsport.

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