Reduce the risk of injury. 

Measure. Alert. Prevent. 

Protect your players.


JARO's comprehensive injury prevention program in practice

Measures training loads, muscle soreness and growth velocity (relevant to teenagers in particular growth cycles)

Automated alerts are sent to coaches and physiotherapists when athlete enters high injury risk thresholds in order for them to take preventative action

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  • Offers a single platform for injury recording, reporting and collection
  • Centralises medical notes, health records and athletes past injuries 
  • Promotes the safety of athletes; captures players physiological responses to training, allowing tailored sessions to be made for individuals, both in team centric and individual sports 


Player welfare

Help your athletes program their mind for success.


JAROS comprehensive welfare management in practice

Following training and competitions, athletes conduct a short welfare questionnaire.

This questionnaire measures athletes rated perceived exertion (RPE) and a number of discreet supporting areas such as; hydration, nutrition, stress levels, energy levels, moods and custom dimensions to measure other areas.


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  • Reduces the risk of injury and improves athletic performance
  • Empowers athletes to check and monitor their own health and wellbeing