Session Planning

Empower your coaches to achieve more during their sessions

JARO provides a visual interface where coaches can create and add to library of training drills and sessions that address particular sporting objectives e.g. boxing out.

This creates a collaborative coaching environment where coaches can improve their training sessions through comparing and educating themselves on new drills.

Post Match Analysis

Think tactically and strategically about athletes performance

JARO provides coaches with a single platform to track the strategic and tactical elements of their teams performance during competition. JAROs post match analysis also works in conjunction with the questionnaires on students welfare and injuries to provide a holistic view on individuals performance. Coaches have the choice to display the data in a format of their choosing..

Reduce the risk of injury. 

Measure. Alert. Prevent. 

JARO measures athletes training loads, muscle soreness and growth velocity. An automated alert is sent to relevant contacts if the athlete enters the high injury risk thresholds.

JAROs injury prevention platform also offers:

  • A single platform for injury recording, reporting and collection

  • Centralised platform to store medical notes, health records and athletes past injuries

  • Coaches the ability to tailor sessions for individuals, both in team centric and individual sports 

Player welfare

Help your athletes program their mind for success.

Welfare questionnaire to measures your athletes rated perceived exertion (RPE) and other discreet supporting areas such as; hydration, nutrition, stress levels and energy levels. This empowers athletes to check and monitor their own health and wellbeing improving performance.