Educational Testimonials

Find out what value Nacsport has impacted on our clients within the Education sector.


Barker College

'Each year, we try to look at something new to try and implement into the program to maximise the time we have with the kids, because it is limited. 

With Nacsport, it was the ease and the way you can customise the templates to get what you want, so you can go as deep or as simple as you want to. Which means for different teams, we can do different things.' - Alexandra Butt, Assistant Director of Girls Sport/Convenor of Netball, Touch Football & Rugby Sevens

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Cardiff Metropolitan University

'One of the most pleasing things about Nacsport, is the team behind it.  If there have ever been any questions or we’ve ever challenged them, they always come back with the goods.' - Arron Ackerman, Student

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Northumbria University

'One of the key benefits of our move from Dartfish to Nacsport is the availability of yearly Nacsport Student Rental licences. This allows us to have a flexible approach to our service and allows students to fit their analysis in around their academic commitments.

Many interns and volunteers can now tag games on the bus back from away games, or from the comfort of their own homes rather than having to come to the labs at the university. Having this flexibility allows us to turn around a high volume of games quickly and keeps our feedback processes efficient for coaches and athletes'. - Alex Delves, Head of Performance Analysis at Northumbria University

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Southampton Solent University

Southampton Solent University sit flagrantly in the heart of the Southampton city centre, United Kingdom. Solent has just been presented with a Silver Award in recognition of excellence in teaching. Solent are valued users of Nacsport. 

'My mindset has always been, can we produce an analyst who is able to arrive at any sporting organisation and provide the complete package? If you cannot arrive on site and operate a range of capture equipment, select key
performance indicators, navigate specialist software packages,
analyse and review performance and ultimately feedback your
findings to players, coaches and key stakeholders, then we have
failed our students and industry.'
- Louis Langdown, Biomechanics and Performance Lecturer. 

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