Schools Platform

JARO understands that integration with internal school operating systems is imperative, protection and privacy of student data is at the forefront of administration and time continues to be wasted using manual processes that are outdated and inefficient.

With over 4 years of development, JARO has created an all in one solutions for schools; saving time and driving new levels of engagement for school sporting competitions.

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1. Attendance Management

Attendance reports can be recorded from a mobile app or web platform. JARO is able to also integrate with your school management system to avoid the need for double handling of attendance reports.

2. Nomination for sport & co-curricular activities 

A centralised, safe and secure sports portal designed for the nomination and payment of student’s sport and co-curricular activities. The data collected is exported into excel files and can be directly integrated with schools operating systems to be configured into sporting and co-curricular teams. 

3. Integration

Integration with the school operating system, stops the double handling of information while removing the limitations of current software processes. 

Example - Barker College:  JARO has implemented a simple import/export process with Maze to allow sport attendance records to be recorded in a central location with all other co-curricular and class records. 

4. Reporting

Via customised mobile app, easily report information to relevant contacts in a centralised location:

  • Match reports

  • Incident reports

  • Attendance reports

5. Communication

Via customised mobile app:

  • Manage conversations to individuals, teams and customised groups

  • Create automated reminders for trainings and games & check RSVPs

  • Sync your JARO team calendar to your mobile device

6. Coaching Tools

Equip your coaches with the right resources to ensure the success of your school sporting program, implement:

  1. Injury prevention & player welfare programs

  2. Session planning functionality

  3. Post match analysis tools

7. Carnivals

Before the carnival, JARO helps by:

  • Sending automated reminders for registration

  • Uploading student and event data- if desired, athletes can be seeded through JARO in alignment with IAAF regulations

During the carnival, JARO provides:

  • Electronic check in to events

  • Electronic scoring - results are captured on your mobile device

  • Live result sharing via mobile app or school sports portal .