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Marcelino using Nacsport video analysis to help Valencia CF fly high again 

After two disappointing seasons, Valencia CF is flying high again in top La Liga table. Most of this comeback is thanks to boss Marcelino Garcia Toral. Nacsport user for almost a decade, we’ve recently learned some lessons on how he uses video analysis to improve his coaching methods.

Valencia CF is one of the Spanish La Liga teams with pedigree. Yet, last season was to forget. Part of the season they were fighting to avoid relegation and they finally ended 12th. Marcelino has been like a breath of fresh air for the Valencia team. When posting this blog, they sit in third place of top-tier Liga Santander and still alive as last 4 in Spanish King’s Cup.

Essential for his work

After so many years together, Marcelino cannot understand his work without Nacsoort. Santander, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Villarreal and now Valencia... “Nacsport helps us with something essential in our work: the analysis of our own team and our opponents. Both are really important in order to get as much information as possible over to our players. Using the software is essential for me”, claims.

When he is questioned about the advantages of using the software, Marcelino “would pick out how effective and quickly analysis is made with Nacsport. For us, time is an important factor as we play many consecutive games and we need extensive analysis of our team and opponents, so speed plays a key role for us here”. 

Apart from these two key points, Valencia CF boss stands out about Nacsport the fact “you can customise whatever aspect you need to analyse”. Versatility becomes a vital factor in video analysis. “We always analyse our rivals: how they attack and how they defend but it’s different when it comes to our own analysis. It depends here on how we are facing the game and specific needs on each game”. Nacsport allows him to customise this analysis.

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A choral work

Video analysis is based on the interaction of all people involved in the success of the team: from the analysis staff to players. Marcelino Garcia briefly explains how duties have been defined in Valencia CF: “My coaching staff includes three analysts. They usually review the last four games of our next opponents. Then, we filter the data to reduce the amount of footage shown about how they attack and how they defend. My final presentation to the players is about 3-4 minutes long”.

Filtered footage finally reaches professional players. They are the last link of the video analysis chain as are responsible to transform that information into decisions to win games. “The great majority of players are receptive to video analysis. But it’s important for us to take into account when to do it depending on what we know about them. I consider that analysis must always be made from a positive approach. Every single action in football has a positive side”. 

Valencia CF boss understands video analysis as an indispensable part of coaching football. And he thinks other coaches must consider it as well beyond their level. “In football today, I guess most coaches are using video analysis software. If you have the budget to purchase it, it’s a resource that you cannot ignore”, concludes.