Wasps Rugby Academy 


The London Wasps RFC England Rugby Academy's role is to identify and develop talented young athletes from the age of 13 to 21 and engage them in an Elite High Performance Development programme.

The objective of the academy is to use Nacsport to maximise the potential of identified elite rugby players and to enhance their personal, education and vocational development opportunities. They have a 90% success rate for Academy scholarship holders where they achieve a professional contract status at 18.

Wasps Rugby Academy will be using a Nacsport Elite licence to carry out high-end analysis processes both live and post-event. The team also have 4 Nacsport Viewer licences, meaning that the coaches can easily review the whole analysis that Joe Burley (Wasps Academy Analyst) is creating on his software by reviewing timelines, matrixes, presentations, dashboards and making use of the search tool to find specific clips from multiple games.

'Nacsport will provide a valuable resource to support players’ individual development. It will facilitate greater interaction between players and coaches and stimulate collective and individual reflection, which is a critical stage of the learning process.

Nacsport helped completely change the post game review process for young players and has given the coaches an extremely powerful tool to utilise.

The players have access to game and training footage 24 hours a day. They are able to review both team and individual performances, which has strengthened the feedback sessions the players attend during Academy training.

The site allows the coaches to give detailed feedback to the players using the comment feature on the videos, maintaining the game review process even if players are away from the Wasps environment. This creates a very efficient learning and development process for the player.'