Scottish Rugby Union 


Nacsport's grateful to have had the Lead Analyst at Scottish Rugby, Rob Holdsworth speak about the use of Nacsport throughout the Union. 

'We started working with analysis pro back in 2013 where we took on Nacsport for one of our International age grade teams. Since then, we’ve seen a significant journey with Nacsport and that’s the reason we’ve decided to invest a lot more into our products.

We now have 60 licences across various teams; Scotland u/18’s, our U/16’s, our Women’s 15’s, Women’s 7’s, BT Sport Academies and our BT Premiership set up as well and all use Nacsport.'  

How is Nacsport used within the Scottish Rugby Union?

Nacsport allows these teams to capture, record, review their clips across a timeline. And one of the nice new features that we’ve found is the dashboard. It allows you to be interactive with your stats and your videos and coaches can build their own stat reports with ease. The other positive we’ve had with Nacsport is the ability to import and export XMLS, so with other analysis software that we use, it means we can transfer different things across different teams and it helps underpin what we’re doing at the top level.


How does the support from Nacsport help?

We found the help from Nacsport invaluable, the fact that they get back to you so quickly and it’s so easy for them to help fix any issue you’ve got. And that’s one of the attractive things for us working with Nacsport, because we’ve got such a big pool of analysts and coaches working with this product, we need that help to be readily available and we definitely found that with Nacsport. Also the speed that they move at and the products they work with move at as well, analysis is such a fast growing space and if you’re not moving quickly with it, like these products are, you’re going to be left behind. So for us, it’s a very attractive thing to be working with these guys.