RCD Espanyol


Where would we be without Nacsport ?

Nacsport facilitates us to analyse matches in an easy and quick manner thanks to the option of editing the template. We can thus make it more intuitive. Nacsport provides us with speed to analyse matches. Without this software, we could not reach everyone. In this aspect, I have to say something: the software is amazing, but your attention and support goes beyond the line. During these years, I have had to ask for support when using different formats, but your staff always found a solution the very same day. In this aspect, your mark is an A+++. Of course I would recommend it. It is a very good tool and, compared with other tools, it is very cheap! Our department sometimes organizes conferences for foreign teams that come to Barcelona in order to know our work and we always show them Nacsport. Without the software, our analysis would not be possible.

With Nacsport you can organize a match in less than 2 hours. We always recommend the tool to our coaches because Nacsport is very intuitive when using it and it also has a lot of features to make our workflows easier. - Xavier Diaz, Audiovisuals Director, Real Club Deportivo Espanyol Academy