Leigh Centurions 



I would like to thank Ste Mills for taking the time to talk us through Leigh Centurion's different video analysis processes.

'The first thing that I do is film every training session. When the weather allows it, we use a Phantom 4 drone and when the weather is poor, we use a video camera on a portable scaffold. 

Once the session is finished, we convert the video straight away to a smaller size and within 10 minutes after training has finished, the coaches have access to the video, using their own Nacsport software to review it before feeding back to the players. The players can now also do this, as we have 1 Basic Plus licence which we are using to educate the players on how to clip/cut training sessions and start to educate each other.


Now we are in a routine with the season just kicking off, as a coaching staff we all use Nacsport to complete the tasks we have to do before we go into a game. So reviewing training carries on as normal and we all have to do our own bits previewing the opposition. My role is to look at the opposition players’ traits, for example 'Hand they carry the ball with, which foot they step off, what foot they kick with’ etc. and then formulate that into a 'Tip Sheet' that the players can study if they wish to.

They all use their Nacsport software to clip multiple games & video angles and then they bring all of it together into a presentation window, where they can add drawings and notes to their clips to highlight to the players about the main focuses they should be looking at. With Nacsport being so simple to use, the coaches have gone from pen & paper to presenting videos with drawings and notes within weeks, never mind months!


Live analysis during the game has become the biggest part of our process at Leigh Centurions. We purchased the AP Wireless solution, as this allows us to send registered video clips AND the dashboard in real time over to the Subs Bench! This is probably the best bit of kit I have seen combined with the Nacsport process, as the coaches and subs can view clips instantly;so, who says we have to wait until half time these days?! 

We have come a long way so far at Leigh Centurions within a couple of months. The coaches have adapted so well to this software and I cannot recommend it enough to other teams, not just in Rugby League but in any sport. But that was just a small insight into what we do at the Centurions. Without the support of Josh Bryan, Jon Moore, Daniel Moore, and Alberto from Analysis Pro and Nacsport respectively, we would have been stuck a few times, but as soon we need some advice or guidance then they are there straight away to help us and its very much appreciated. We look forward to working with them for years to come and each day getting bigger and better in Performance Analysis at Leigh Centurions.'