FC Eindhoven

'It works perfect!'

NACSPORT makes my work better and easier. Very good productive tools, easily workable for me and my colleague in the technical staff, and provides an added value to our work in an efficient way (for example, to put clips into a presentation from the Timeline in just 1 second), It works perfect!”. Next to this they have a very good support department that is always available if you need them for any questions or doubts.

Technical manager Hans Smulders says “at FC Eindhoven we are building our talented players, and we are always searching for how to help the individual players in their core qualities and to let them accelerate and get better from that point. Video feedback is an essential extra support in the process of coaching and accompanying these players. Players become more self-reflected, the dialogue with the players becomes more easy and we understand each other much better. Video analyst Edwin Huybers about his working experience with Nacsport: “Absolutely an added value for us in the development process for talented players. The trainers are able to make a presentation to show and discuss with the players in a quick and easy way. Last week we were watching the 13 corners from our last match and the players themselves reached the insight on the fourth corner that others were “left unmarked”. The fact that the players recognise this themselves by watching the clips is very valuable as we can tighten up on our core qualities for the coming matches.