A carnival platform created to manage the nuances that come with cross country carnivals in order to increase operational efficiencies, and retain athletes, and engage the wider community.

JARO helps in the preparation of a cross country carnival:

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1 Reminders

Like the other carnivals, automatic push notifications and/or emails are sent to athletes as well as registered members to notify them of upcoming events relevant to their preferences and history. JARO can outline how many athletes viewed the reminder as well as how many athletes re-registered due to the reminder, if this is desired.

2 Events, athlete records and seeding

All carnival events and athlete details are uploaded for you, through JARO’s concierge service for data entry. JARO can seed the athletes in accordance with IAAF regulations if this is desired, however qualifying data must be provided.

3 Sport centric website

Create a place where the running community can interact and compare past performances and results. A social hub on your website created for a athletes, fans and members can follow specific athletes, disciplines, sub-disciplines to be able to access information such as; live updates, records, photographs and other customised data.

JARO helps during the carnival:

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1 Electronic check in

Mobile app: Allow pre-registered athletes to either confirm or scratch themselves from their event that are pre-registered to their event via the club/school’s customised mobile app.


Desktop: Administrators can check in students and also conduct on the day registrations and scratchings via their desktop.

2 Electronic scoring

Similar to athletics, results are automatically recorded within your web dashboard and mobile app (JARO can integrate with software such as; photo finish and link).

3 Live results

A customised mobile app and website allows you to share real time, live results of the carnival to the running community.

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