2016 Asia-Pacific Sports Analytics Conference

The 2016 Asia-Pacific Sports Analytics Conference took place in Melbourne on the 22nd of July.  It was an information-packed event.  There were over 800 people attending, including 70 speakers. 

This was my first year attending and from what I hear this event is getting bigger and bigger every year.  It was great to hear from sports analytics experts across a variety of educational, private and public organisations involved in sports at the highest level.

We heard from some of Australia’s leading sporting Australian and global professional sporting teams about the state of play using data analytics.  We also heard about how sports marketers are leveraging data and analytics to engage fans and promote clubs and sports effectively.  Perhaps the hottes topic was around analytics and high performance to make in-game and training decisions.  Lots of discussions around wearables, injury prevention and using data to predict and manage performance.

In short, the conference for sports technology and sports analytics was a great success. I will certainly make the trip to the conference next year.